Leader Hiring & Selection

Goal: Improving Fit from the Start

Hiring top leadership talent is risky. It's all about fit—for your culture, team, and the role itself. How can you improve your leadership hiring success rate? 

You’ve hired a good recruiter and are impressed with your finalists. However, how do you know that they actually have the leadership skills, profile, and perspective of a leader who will be a successful fit in your organization?

At Lead.Grow.Change.® we specialize in providing expert psychological assessments for leaders—from managers to CEOs. We use state-of-the-art techniques and interviewing strategies to provide you with insights on finalists' strengths, weaknesses, and derailers related to the job and organizational culture.  

We also provide insights into how best to onboard and support new hires to improve their chances for success. You’ll have more confidence in your decision, or in some cases, you might reconsider your decision based upon red flags that might arise regarding a candidate’s “fit” with your organization’s culture.

With over 800 successful, custom assessments of top talent, we have the experience and expertise to help you "know it when you see it."

Customized to Your Organization's Needs

Whether you're hiring a new CEO or critical mid-level manager, we can identify the best candidates, improve your hiring success, and significantly reduce the risk of a mis-hire.  

As your partner, we work to understand your organization's unique needs and what "fit" looks like to you. We can even quantify "fit" to make sure you have data to match intuitions. We identify the right combination of assessments and conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate. After the initial assessments, we provide a thorough, customized report, the results of which we discuss with you and your team to help you navigate through the decision-making process. We can help you identify the right fit candidate based on your current -- or desired -- culture.


We can turn around an assessment within a week when necessary. Our process can be fully executed online via Skype, webex, Facetime, etc.


We have all the capabilities of a large organization but keep our overhead low. Assessments are primarily completed by our founder, Tom Giberson, Ph.D., or by a highly trained and mentored associate, with direct oversight by Dr. Giberson