Recruiters: In fits about fit?

Clients having fits over identifying leaders who fit?

Are you in fits over clients who consistently overlooks a leader who clearly is the right fit or is consistently attracted to the one that does not fit?

Interested in providing additional value for your clients and improving new hire “stickiness”? 

You already do a great job of finding top recruits in line with your client’s stated needs. What if you had an experienced Lead.Grow.Change.® I/O Psychologist to help you develop clear fit requirements and provide Deep Screening™ of finalists for role, team, and culture fit?  

We use state-of-the-art techniques along with deep experience to provide your client with insights on finalist strengths, weaknesses, and derailers, and fit for the role, team, and organization's unique culture. We also provide insights into how best to onboard and support the success of the new hire.

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